June 26, 2022

Get Your Roof Retrofitted for a Fraction of the Price This July With SC Safe Home

Dear Homeowner, Storm season is upon us which is why we need to ensure that our homes are fully prepared for what mother nature will be throwing at it. Have you been thinking of getting some roof modifications done for a while now but the financial side of things just don’t make it feasible? Perhaps things would be a little different with an extra $5000 to put towards your retrofit.

Get Your Roof Retrofitted for a Fraction of the Price This July With SC Safe Home

If you think it will, read on to find out how…

As you may be aware, SC Safe Home will be accepting applications this coming July for new retrofits under their scheme, meaning that residents such as yourself could make those much-needed improvements that you’ve always wanted. Hey, it can even add value to your property should you be looking to sell in the next few years. There’s no income limit for the scheme, so although income levels affect what type of grant you’re eligible for, no matter how much your household income currently is there is something we can do. Feel
free to call our friendly office staff on 843-455-4350 so we can do an eligibility assessment.

What Work Can I Have Done?

Anything from strengthening your roof deck attachment to bracing the gable ends and reinforcing the roof to wall connections. These retrofits and more are all eligible under the scheme, contact our office to see a full list of services that are eligible.

What’s A Matching Grant vs. Non-Matching Grant?

If you’re eligible for a non-matching grant, it means that whether you spend $1000 or $10,000 on your retrofits, you’ll get the maximum allowance of $5000 towards the renovations. Alternatively, a matching grant of up to $4,000 could be yours if you’re from a higher income household. With this option, the scheme matches every single dollar you put towards strengthening your roof, up to
a maximum of $4000.

How Can We Help?

All SC Safe Home retrofits start with an inspection, here at United Contractors Roofing we have SC Safe Home Inspectors on our team who can take a look at your home and assess which retrofits you would benefit the most from. Part of the process and a requirement from the South Carolina Department of Insurance is that pictures are taken to support the application. Our professional and qualified inspectors will take care of all of this for you. and take photos of the home and what areas need to be covered. Once your application for a grant has been processed our GAF and CertainTeed qualified contractors can get right to work on protecting your home against potential storm damage. We are highly experienced and local contractors who have been in business for over 15 years. In order to ensure commitment to quality and integrity of every one of our jobs, we limit the number of homes we renovate under the program, so call us today to guarantee your spot in this year’s batch of SC grant funded retrofits.

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