SC Safe Home

SC Safe Home Program Certified Roofing Contractor

SC Safe Home Program, introduced by The South Carolina Department of Insurance, offers grants to qualified individual homeowners to increase their properties hurricane and high wind damage resistance. SC Safe Home grants cannot be used for new construction, home repairs or remodeling. $4,000 grants are provided strictly for retrofitting owner-occupied and single-family homes.


You can receive up to a $4,000 SC Safe Home grant for your roof replacement project!

As a SC Safe Home certified roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach, United Contractors Roofing has passed all required training and qualifications to participate in this program. We provide professional and competitive roof estimates for homeowners. Strict regulations and work ethic makes us one of the most trusted roofing experts for The SC Safe Home Program.

Retrofit services sponsored by The SC Safe Home Program grants:

Bracing gable ends

Exterior doors, including garage doors

Opening protection

Reinforcement of roof-to-wall connections

Problems associated with weakened trusses, studs, and other structural components

Repair or replacement of manufactured home piers, anchors, and tie-down straps

Roof covering

Roof deck attachment

Secondary water barrier

How do I apply for a SC Safe Home grant?

To apply for a SC Safe Home grant, visit the SC Safe Home website and submit an application. The website includes grant application and eligibility requirements.

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