April 21, 2022

Prices are Skyrocketing in Roofing Industry

It's no secret that nearly everything is becoming more expensive, and regrettably, prices are soaring within the roofing industry as well. The costs associated with roofing repairs have experienced significant inflation. Consequently, we're witnessing an increase of more than 20% in new roof prices within a single year. However, it's important to clarify that this surge is not the result of roofing companies seeking excessive profits. Rather, it's a widespread issue affecting the entire industry, posing challenges for both roofers and individuals seeking roofing replacements or repairs. If you've recently considered roofing services, you've undoubtedly observed firsthand that the escalation in both roofing repair costs and new roof prices is substantial. This prompts the question: What factors are behind this upward trend?

Prices are Skyrocketing in Roofing Industry

Material Shortages means higher prices

The present roofing industry continues to grapple with material shortages, a challenge that invariably leads to price hikes when supply falls short. This predicament traces back to the onset of the global pandemic, as the resulting shutdowns led to inventory depletion and an initial surge in costs.

In the current landscape, demand continues to outstrip supply. This scarcity, compounded by factors such as heightened storm activity, means that producers are still struggling to address the accumulated demand for materials. United Roofing Contractors, like other players in the industry, has not been immune to these challenges. The consequence of this dynamic is the escalation of roofing repair costs. Notably, 2021 alone witnessed four distinct material price increases. Hence, it's hardly surprising that new roof prices have surged during this period, with certain material costs experiencing a surge of up to 20% since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Prices go up, they rarely go down

Another challenge contributing to the escalation of new roof prices and roofing repair costs is that manufacturers, having established pricing at these elevated levels, are unlikely to reverse this trend in the near future. Even as materials become more accessible following the conclusion of pandemic-related lockdowns, their costs continue to remain high.

For those seeking United Roofing Contractors, the truth remains that while costs might eventually subside, the foreseeable future indicates a scenario where repairing or installing a new roof will generally come at a higher expense in most circumstances.

Is there anything you can do?

Regrettably, the likelihood of material costs reverting to pre-pandemic levels in the near future seems slim. However, this circumstance doesn't leave you without options. United Roofing Contractors is dedicated not only to delivering superior work but also to providing optimal value for each customer.

This commitment includes an ongoing pursuit of the most competitive prices for the necessary materials. This practice has become pivotal, particularly in recent times. Our team dedicates significant effort to securing value in our material purchases, enabling us to consistently offer the most favorable roofing prices. Regardless of the scope of the project, our aim is to provide the most cost-effective solution without ever compromising on material quality or the integrity of our work.

Whether you require roofing repairs, replacement, or new installations for residential or commercial properties, reach out to United Roofing Contractors today. Rest assured, we will deliver unparalleled value for every project.